Need A Custom Exhibition Stand Design To Be Implemented?

August 27, 2019 Beata Cremonesi 0

As discussed in a bit detailed and the differences about the old type of exhibition booth design and the new modern exhibition booth design including custom exhibition stand and display stands. So let us discuss it bit further in an order to get the idea that why it is an important to get the exhibition booth design, exhibition stand and display stands. As we all know that the design is something which should matches the theme and depicts about the profile by itself. For an example, if you running business for electronic accessories so now what you theme would be? Obviously in your theme you wanted to make graphics which depicts about the electronic gadgets like headphone, mobiles and many other relevant products and its color theme. So similarly, when it comes to exhibition so an exhibition booth design, custom exhibition stand and display stands play a very important role which actually depicts all about your company and products or services you offers. Let us discuss individually about an exhibition booth design, custom exhibition stand and display stands.

In an addition, the exhibition booth design is an architecture of the stall or booth in an exhibition which is like you can say your company building structure which you has to display publically in an exhibition while the custom exhibition stand is the standee which is more like banner of your company which shows the company products and its services with all of its specification. This custom exhibition stand are the most customizable thing which you can set according to what you wanted it to be look like and on the other hand there is a display stands which is very similar to custom exhibition stand the only difference is that the custom exhibition stand can be the counter and well equipped than the normal and an ordinary display stands. Well both custom exhibition stand and display stands both plays a very important role in exhibition and in exhibition booth design. Click here for more info on exhibition booth design.

Moreover, the custom exhibition stand is the main part of the exhibition booth design so it has to be design in such a ways that it more depicts about your company and all of its products and services which you wanted to be market among the visitors. Now some of the exhibitors wanted to get the custom exhibition stand like they wanted to get branding all around the custom exhibition stand and equipped with the screens to change the graphics, pictures and display videos to their visitors. So if you want to get customized exhibition stand according to your need and requirements so yes you can get that easily it was not much easy before but now with NIMLOK you can get what you want as your custom exhibition stand. If you are looking for prominent, stand alone and the best exhibition booth design, custom exhibition stand and display stands so the best and the most recommended company is NIMLOK, they are experts in an exhibition booth design, custom exhibition stand, display stands and all other related services.

Exploring The Media Wall Backdrop

October 26, 2018 Beata Cremonesi 0

Technology has made everything unique and different. It has added extra life to all that we say and do. The technology has not left any aspect of our life. Education, business and even simple domestic chores are touched by the technology. It has made advertising a real easy thing to handle. For those who are looking for some positive change in life, the technology can be a real treat. If you want to earn more from the business social media is a popular option. Social media is a great stimulant that can further your business goals and objectives. Twitters, LinkedIn, Face book, Instagram are doing a great job. The social media advertising can now be transformed into a more impressive means called the media wall backdrop. The intended users transform the favorite posts regarding their business into a social media wall. In order to do this, the digital display wall is used. The posts are added with hash tags that keep appearing on the walls in a systematic manner. 

As the people today are in love with the social media, therefore, it is easy to gain their attention with these media wall displays. The images and audio can be added to the ads making the impressive and grasping. The walls use certain software that makes things really impressive. As the ad appears on the wall the viewer can get comprehensive information about any business in a very comprehensive way. 

It is also easy to get rid of the unnecessary stuff appearing on the wall. Generally, the walls are equipped with a device that can be used for filtering the unnecessary information. The filtration can be both manual as well automated. This helps in finding the right information at the right time. There is a list of software that can be comfortably used for this purpose. For more information, please log on to 

The display appears on the social media wall is not very time-consuming. It can take just take a few moments to start working. The time it takes to appear on the screen depends on two major factors. One is the software being used and the other is the mode of filtration. There are several softwares to choose from. The latest versions are always less time-consuming. At the same time, the automatic filtration option is far better. It gives direct access to the data and there is no need to think and then choose everything manually for the display. 

Media wall backdrop can be used for all kinds of businesses. It is a great way to advertise the home-based businesses, hotels, big industrial setups, and even the schools and colleges. It is an extremely inspiring way to deal with business matters.  media-wall-back-drop